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Crossword Answers : novella "Morte"
DEATHINVENICE novella "Morte"
DEARE 1912 novella "Morte"
DEATHINVENICE 1912 novella "Morte"
MALI ___ "Le Morte d'Arthur"
MALORYS ___ "Le Morte d'Arthur"
MAMAN "Aujourd'hui ___ est morte" (opening line of Camus's "L'Etranger")
MALORY "Le Morte d'Arthur" author
SIRTHOMASMALORY "Le Morte d'Arthur" author
SIRGALAHAD "Le Morte d'Arthur" figure
LINET "Morte d'Arthur" lass
TENNYSON "Morte d'Arthur" poet
MALTA Aujourd'hui, ___ est morte (opening line of Camus's "L'أ‰tranger")
MALONE Author of "Morte d'Arthur."
MALORY Author of "Morte d'Arthur"
BALIN Brother who killed brother, in Morte d'Arthur
BALI Brother who killed brother, in Morte d'Arthur.
MALORY Compiler of "Morte d'Arthur"
GARE He cried, "Roma o Morte!"
GARIBALDI He cried, "Roma o Morte!"
MALI Le Morte d'Arthur author
MALORY Le Morte d'Arthur author
SIRE Le Morte d'Arthur figure
LINET Morte d'Arthur lass
TENET Morte d'Arthur poet
MALORY Sir Thomas —, 15th-century writer; author and compiler of collection Le Morte d'Arthur
MALORY Thomas __, author of Le Morte d’Arthur
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