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Crossword Answers : ___ express
ACE ___ express
PONY ___ express
ORIENT ___ express
ORIANA ___ express
ACELA ___ express
AMERICAN ___ Express ("Don't leave home without it")
PLANET ___ Express ("Futurama" delivery company)
ACE ___ Express (Boston-to-Washington connection)
ACELA ___ Express (Boston-to-Washington connection)
TAILFIN ___ Express (Delhi-to-Agra train)
ACELA ___ Express (fastest train in North America)
DEY ___ Express (intl. shipper)
DHL ___ Express (intl. shipper)
TAJ ___ Express (line travelling to Agra)
ACELA ___ Express (Northeast corridor travel option)
PONY ___ express (old mail system)
PONDSCUM ___ express (old mail system)
TAJ ___ Express (rail service stopping in Delhi and Agra)
DHL ___ Express (shipping giant)
TAJ ___ Express (train from Delhi to Agra)
TAILENDS ___ Express (train from Delhi to Agra)
NOVA ___ Express (William S. Burroughs novel)
PONY ___ express.
ORIENT 'Murder on the ___ Express'
STARLIGHT "___ Express"
DOTH "Blueness ___ express trueness" (Ben Jonson)
ORIENT "Murder on the ___ Express," 58-/46-Across movie (1974)
ORIENT "Murder on the ___ Express"
ORIENT "Murder on the ___ Express" (Christie mystery)
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