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Crossword Answers : ___ ___, so pure and lovely, from "Aida"
TODIE ___ ___, so pure and lovely, from "Aida"
TODDLER ___ ___, so pure and lovely, from "Aida."
TITLEROLE Aida in "Aida " e.g.
TITERS Aida in "Aida," e.g.
AMONASRO Aida's father and the king of Ethiopia in "Aida"
ACTIV When Aida dies in Verdi's "Aida"
ACTING When Aida dies in Verdi's "Aida"
CELESTE ___ Aïda
CELERY ___ Aida.
CELESTE ___ Aida.
CELERITY ___ Aida.
CELESTA ___ Aida.
ASTEP ___ Too Far ("Aida" song)
RITORNA ___ vincitor! (aria for Aida)
OPERA 'Aida ' e.g.
OOPS 'Aida,' e.g.
VERDI 'Aida' composer
OPERA 'Aida' is one
OPAL 'Aida' is one
SPEAR 'Aida' prop
SPAR 'Aida' prop
NILE 'Aida' river
NIGH 'Aida' river
NIK 'Aida' river
EGOS 'Aida' setting
EGYPT 'Aida' setting
ARIA 'Celeste Aida ' for one
MIA 'O patria ___' ('Aida' aria)
MIA 'O patria ___' (song from 'Aida')
CELESTE "___ Aida."
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