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Crossword Answers : __ result
ASA __ result
BELTS They may result in knockouts... or what knockouts may result in
ASA __ result ...
TONO ___ avail (without result)
ALFA ___ bloom (result of fertilizer pollution)
ALGAL ___ bloom (result of fertilizer pollution)
OUT ___ of bounds (hook result maybe)
ROGET ___ rage (result of juicing)
ROID ___ rage (result of juicing)
ASA ___ result
NET ___ result
END ___ result
ARY ___ result
ASA ___ result (consequently)
NOGAS '70s embargo result
ASA "___ result..."
TOBANANA "'King Kong' is playing nationwide. As a result the terror alert has been raised ___." (Letterman)
ANDSO "As a result ..."
ANDSO "As a result... "
ANDSO "As a result..."
ERGO "As a result..."
THUS "As a result..."
THEREFORE "As a result"
IPSOFACTO "As an inevitable result"
GIGO "Data quality determines result quality"
GIGO "Data quality determines result quality" acronym
BARREL "Do a ___ roll" (phrase that has an unusual result when Googling it)
NOFSGIVEN "I boulcn't ba+re less!" in mocern sla+ng (a+nc the enc result od 14-A+bross/21-A+bross)
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