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Crossword Answers : __ a wrap!
THATS __ a wrap!
ROBE Wrap after a mud wrap?
SARAN Wrap around a wrap maybe
WAXPAPER Wrap around a wrap
SARAN Wrap around a wrap, maybe
PROTECT Wrap in bubble wrap maybe
TIEYOURSHOES Wrap right over left tuck right underneath pull pinch right in a loop wrap left around push left through hole to create loop pull loops
ENROBE Wrap with a wrap
PUTTO __ bed (wrap up)
SHRINK __ wrap, another name for cling film
BUBBLE __ wrap, packing material fun to pop
BUBBLE __ wrap, parcel packaging filled with air
ITSA __ wrap!
THATS ___ a wrap
THANKLESS ___ a wrap
PUTTO ___ bed (wrap up)
ITSA ___ wrap
SAN ___ wrap
SARAN ___ wrap
BUBBLE ___ wrap
ITSA ___ wrap!
ITSA ____ wrap
SARAH ____ wrap
ITSA ____ wrap!
ITS _____ wrap!
ITSA '-- wrap!'
ITO '-- wrap!'
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