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Crossword Answers : __ Tots
TATER __ Tots
ROMPER __ Room: former tots' TV show
ORE ___ -Ida (Tater Tots maker)
TOYS ___ for Tots program run by the United States Marine Corps Reserve
TOYS ___ for Tots
AYN ___ Rand School for Tots (Objectivist "Simpsons" preschool)
ROMPER ___ room (place for tots)
SIMILE ___ says (tots' game)
SIMON ___ says (tots' game)
TANTE ___ tots
TATER ___ tots
TAT ___ tots
TATARS ___ tots
TATER ___ Tots (alternative to French fries)
TATER ___ Tots (French fries alternative )
TATER ___ Tots (frozen food item)
TATER ___ Tots (frozen nuggets)
TATER ___ Tots (grocery purchase)
TATER ___ Tots (Ore-Ida product)
TATER _____ Tots (grocery purchase)
PATA ___-cake (tots' game)
MEXI ___-Fries (tater tots)
ORE ___-Ida (Tater Tots brand)
ORE ___-Ida (Tater Tots maker)
ORE ___-Ida Tater Tots
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