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Crossword Answers : You __!: "That's right!"
BETCHA You __!: "That's right!"
SAFIRE "The Right Word in the Right Place at the Right Time" writer
JAINISM Religion of India from 6th century B.C. teaching liberation of the soul by right knowledge right faith right conduct
TIEYOURSHOES Wrap right over left tuck right underneath pull pinch right in a loop wrap left around push left through hole to create loop pull loops
HANGA ___ right: turn right
HANG ____ right: turn right
GEEGEE . . . "RIGHT? RIGHT!" by A. Loos?
GEEGEE ... "RIGHT? RIGHT!" by A. Loos?
SEE 'Was I right or was I right?'
MLK "A right delayed is a right denied" speaker initially
KING "A right delayed is a right denied" speaker
IGETIT "All right! All right!"
JACKDONAGHY "I wish I had my Princeton reunion right now. I'd wipe that smug smile right off Michelle Obama's face" speaker
YESBOSS "OK right away right on it"
YESYES "Right right..."
AHYES "Right right..."
ISEE "Right right"
IBET "Right right"
HERE "Right ___ Right Now"
HERE "Right ___ Right Now" (Jesus Jones or Fatboy Slim song)
1 "Right. Right."
ITIS "That right?" (or "That's right")
MARLO "The Right Words at the Right Time" author ___ Thomas
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