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Crossword Answers : Will's writer
DECEDENT Will's writer
TALESE "A Writer's Life" writer 2006
TALESE "A Writer's Life" writer
TALESE "A Writer's Life" writer, 2006
TALESE "A Writer's Life" writer, 26
OATES "Man Crazy" writer or a "Maneater" co-writer
ROTH "The Ghost Writer" writer
TALESE A Writer's Life writer
TALC A Writer's Life writer, 2006
POETASTER Sample provided by US writer, a writer of inferior verse
ROTH The Ghost Writer writer
AMIS Writer Kingsley or his writer son Martin
URIS Writer who created the writer Gideon Zadok
HEARN U S writer who took Japanese citizenship (1850–1904)
HARTE . . . Poker Flat writer
GIDE Nobel writer
AGATHA __ Raisin, British whodunit sleuth named for a British writer
CLIFFHANGER ___ Suspense Writer
WILLYUMSAFIRE ___ "___" ___ (writer of a popular food column?)
WILLYUMSAFIRE ___ "___" ___ (writer of a popular sundae column?)
AGONY ___ aunt (writer of an advice column)
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