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Crossword Answers : Whom the French called "Monsieur Crescendo"
ROSSINI Whom the French called "Monsieur Crescendo"
CLIMAXED Came to a crescendo
SWELLS Comes to a crescendo
BIGFINISH Concert crescendo, and what 16-, 24-, 49- and 59-Across all have
CLIMAX Crescendo
SWEETS Crescendo followed by a decrescendo
SWELL Crescendo followed by a decrescendo
VIKINGCLAP Crescendo from Icelandic soccer fans
FORTE Dynamic at the end of a crescendo sometimes
SURGING In a crescendo
POCOAPOCO Little by little like a crescendo
DIME Opposite of crescendo: Abbr.
SWELLING Reaching a crescendo
SLOWCLAP Start of a hokey film crescendo
BONNE __ chance, Monsieur!
MAIS __ oui, monsieur
MAIS ___ oui, monsieur
AVEC ___ plaisir, monsieur
OUI ___, monsieur
SHARIF 'Monsieur Ibrahim' star
RAYE 'Monsieur Verdoux' costar
MERCI 'Much obliged monsieur!'
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