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Crossword Answers : When "SNL" ends in NYC, approximately
ONEAM When "SNL" ends in NYC, approximately
ONEAM When "SNL" ends in NYC approximately
DRFAUCI Brad Pitt played him in a 2020 "SNL" sketch after he joked that Pitt should play him on "SNL"
DEL ___ Close (improv comedy icon who taught many "SNL" stars)
LEON ___ Phelps aka SNL's "The Ladies' Man"
LEON ___ Phelps, aka SNL's "The Ladies' Man"
SHY ___ Ronnie (quiet character in SNL Digital Short music videos)
LAZY ___ Sunday ("SNL" viral video)
LAYLA ___ Sunday ("SNL" viral video)
ISNT ___ that special? ("SNL" Church Lady's catch phrase)
WAYLAY ___ World ("SNL" sketch)
NAT ___ X (Chris Rock "SNL" character)
NAT ___ X (Chris Rock character on "SNL")
NAN ___ X (Chris Rock character on "SNL")
BABAWAWA '70s "SNL" parody
OTERI '90s "SNL" alum
OTERI '90s "SNL" regular
OTERI '90s "SNL" regular Cheri
CHRIS '90s "SNL" regular Farley
TIM '90s "SNL" regular Meadows
NBC 'SNL' airer
NAW 'SNL' airer
ANA 'SNL' alum Gasteyer
JOEPISCOPO 'SNL' alum who impersonated Frank Sinatra
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