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Crossword Answers : What Burns was when he wrote "Handsome Nell"
BAIRN What Burns was when he wrote "Handsome Nell"
BAIRN What Burns was when he wrote "Handsome Nell."
JOANRIVERS She played Nell in "Nell"
JODIE She played Nell in "Nell"
ISAS "Handsome ___ handsome does"
ISAS "Handsome --- handsome does"
ISAS Handsome ___ handsome does
DOERS Handsome is that handsome ___—Vicar of Wakefield.
OUR ___ Nell, Gershwin musical
SALVATION ___ Nell, Mrs Fiske's role
SALUTARY ___ Nell, Mrs. Fiske's role.
FENWICK 'Dudley Do-Right' damsel Nell
JEW 'Nell' star Foster
JODIE 'Nell' star Foster
OUR "___ Nell " Gershwin musical
OUR "___ Nell," Gershwin musical
ABREAK "Gimme ___" (TV show whose theme Nell Carter sang)
CARR "Little Nell" cartoonist
APTED "Nell" director Michael
LIAM "Nell"'s Neeson
GWYN 17th century actress Nell
GUYANA 17th-century actress Nell
GUY 17th-century actress Nell
GWYN 17th-century actress Nell
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