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Crossword Answers : What 54 Across is
NOVEL What 54 Across is
INSTILL The first parts of 17- and 22-Across are always this, the first part of 46-Across is sometimes this, and the first part of 55-Across is never this
OPPOSITIONPARTY 22 across by opening 11 across is bound to undermine those in power
IMAC Product whose 1-Across is a 61-Across
SHIFTALETTER Type of 19-Across that 38-Across is
ABOVE What 1-Across is to 14-Across
BELOW What 14-Across is to 1-Across
ONE What 44-Across is 44-Across of
MICKEYDS What 50-Across is ... or a clue to 17-, 29-, 35- and 45-Across
ELEC What 55-Across is to 17-Across
ELECTIONANAGRAM What 55-Across is to 17-Across
ANTONYM What the start of 50-Across is to the start of 19-Across
SUNDA __ Islands (Where 1 Across is)
CHAP ___ Hill, where 17 Across is college president.
EGYPT 1-Across is its capital
EGOTRIP 1-Across is its capital
GOLFER 10 Across is one
OPEC 118-Across is in it
OPART 118-Across is in it
STAGIER 130-Across is one
ARE 15-Across is a unit of it
FJORD 15-Across is on one
BRINE 16-Across is preserved in it
VSOP 16-Across is the reason ___ is hiding
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