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Crossword Answers : What's that to Josأ©?
ESA What's that to Josأ©?
SAN ___ Josأ©
SAN ___ Josأ©, Costa Rica
SAN ___ Josأ©.
SAMURAI ___ Josأ©.
NOWAY ___, Josأ©!
SALSA -- Josأ©
HMOS 'Hi, Josأ©!'
ADEPTS 'Later, Josأ©'
LIGHTMYFIRE 1967 Doors hit covered by Josأ© Feliciano
CELA 1989 literary Nobelist Camilo Josأ© ___
REYES 2011 National League batting champ Josأ©
REYES 2011 NL batting champ Josأ©
ASTRO 2017 A.L. MVP Josأ© Altuve, for one
RIOS 60-Across habitats, to Josأ©
UNA A, to Josأ©
FER Actor Josأ©
REYES Base-stealing Josأ©
PEP Bill : William :: ___ : Josأ©
DANA Bill who created Josأ© Jimأ©nez
SANTAS Brazil's ___ Josأ© Bay
ADIOS Bye, Josأ©!
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