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Crossword Answers : Was featured
STARRED Was featured
MONDAY __ Night Football, featured pigskin match
CMA ___ Awards (event that featured Beyonce and the Dixie Chicks in 2016)
INNOUT ___ Burger (fast-food chain featured in "The Big Lebowski")
INDIGO ___ Girls (singers featured in "Wordplay")
INDIE ___ Girls (singers featured in "Wordplay")
TUPELO ___ Honey (Van Morrison song featured at the end of "Ulee's Gold")
MAORI ___ Language Week: annual New Zealand initiative which featured translated screenings of "Moana" in 2017
TONGARIRO ___ National Park, UNESCO World Heritage Site in New Zealand which was featured in the movie trilogy "The Lord of the Rings"
TEARS ___ On My Pillow, cover that provided a No.1 hit for 22A in 1990 and featured in The Delinquents, in which she also starred (5)
NITE ___ Owl (coffee shop featured in the movie)
MACHU ___ Picchu, UNESCO World Heritage Site in Peru which was featured in the movie "The Motorcycle Diaries"
FOCAL ___ point (featured element)
FAO ___ Schwarz (toy store featured in "Big")
PIE ___ Sisters (bakery whose goods were featured at last year's Indie 500 crossword tournament)
INE ___ Somebody to Lean On (song featured in 24-Down)
ASHRA ___ Tempel (seminal krautrock band whose 1972 release "Seven Up" featured Timothy Leary on vocals)
OBIE ___ Trice (rapper featured on Eminem's "Without Me")
SHBOOM '50s hit featured in "Clue"
ROUTE '60s TV series "___ 66" featured Corvette
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