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Crossword Answers : Victim
PREY Victim
PRAWN Victim
GOAT Victim
BUTT Victim
DUPE Victim
PREXY Victim
MAR Cielo e _____!â€‌ (Ponchielli aria) nyt 1995 MAR Bang up nyt 1995 MAR Deface nyt 1995 MAR Disfigure nyt 1995 MAR Vitiate nyt 1995 MARAT Corday's victim nyt 1995 MARAT Corday's victim, 7/13/17
AWISE __ woman wishes to be no one's enemy (and) ... refuses to be anyone's victim: Angelou
LAW ___ & Order (show in which "vic" means "victim")
NEMEAN ___ lion (victim of Hercules)
NEMEAN ___ Lion: Hercules' victim
HAE ___ Min Lee victim in the podcast "Serial"
HADAT ___ Min Lee, victim in the podcast "Serial"
LAURA ___ Palmer ("Twin Peaks" victim)
LAUDING ___ Palmer ("Twin Peaks" victim)
DAPHNE ___ Pratt (victim in Matt Gaffney's "Murder by Meta")
WEIMAR ___ Republic (20th-century victim of hyperinflation)
ARAL ___ Sea victim of Soviet irrigation projects
ARACHNID ___ Sea, victim of Soviet irrigation projects
JESS ___ Willard 1919 Dempsey victim
JESS ___ Willard, 1919 Dempsey victim
JESS ___ Willard,Dempsey victim
LAW "___ & Order" (show in which "vic" means "victim")
AMI "___ crazy?" (Gaslighting victim's question)
AWISE "___ woman wishes to be no one's enemy (and)... refuses to be anyone's victim": Angelou
HARDY "Another fine mess" victim
HARDY "Another nice mess" victim
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