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Crossword Answers : V.P.'s boss
PRES V.P.'s boss
CEO Boss’s boss’s boss, perhaps: Abbr.
CLIMBOVERHIGHERUP Become the boss's boss?
GREATIMPORTANCE Feature of everything the boss gives you per the boss
GREATIMPORTANCE Feature of everything the boss gives you, per the boss
BOLDMOVE Going to your boss's boss with a proposal e.g.
ANEW The boss in "Who's the Boss?"
ANGELA The boss in "Who's the Boss?"
AROD The Boss is his boss
ANEW Tony's boss on "Who's the Boss?"
ANGELA Tony's boss on "Who's the Boss?"
ROSS __ for Boss ('92 campaign slogan)
EUGENE __ Krabs is SpongeBob’s boss
WHOS __ the Boss (Danza sitcom)
SYS ___ admin (IT boss)
ESTREET ___ Band (Boss backers)
ESTONIA ___ Band (The Boss' backup)
ESTREET ___ Band (The Boss' backup)
EMILIO ___ Barzini mob boss in "The Godfather"
HUGO ___ Boss
PIT ___ boss (casino employee)
TRAIL ___ boss (cattle driver)
HUGE ___ Boss (German fashion house)
HUGO ___ Boss (German fashion house)
EDIN ___ chief (mag. boss)
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