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Crossword Answers : Us rival
THEM Us rival
SEEYOUSOON Bye!' nw 2008 SEG Division: Abbr. nw 2008 SEGA Its mascot is Sonic the Hedgehog nw 2008 SEGA Nintendo competitor nw 2008 SEGA Nintendo rival nw 2008 SEGA Onetime Nintendo rival nw 2008 SEGAL
ALPINE Rival of Rival
ALPO Rival of Rival
ALPH Rival rival
ALPINE Rival rival
ALPHABET Rival rival
ALPO Rival rival
ALPO Rival's rival
NYT WSJ rival Abbr.
SAMS __ Club (Costco rival)
SAMS __ Club: Costco rival
TGI __ Friday's (Applebee's rival)
KAL __ Kan: Alpo rival
SUR __ La Table: Williams-Sonoma rival
IVAN __ Skavinsky Skavar, song rival of Abdul Abulbul Amir
West side __ Story, a tale about two rival gangs in NYC
PEP ___ AC (Rolaids rival)
PEPCID ___ AC (Rolaids rival)
FLORIN ___ and Guilder (rival nations in "The Princess Bride")
BOO ___ Berry (Fruit Brute rival of the '70s)
BROM ___ Bones Ichabod Crane's rival
BROM ___ Bones (Ichabod Crane's rival)
BROLIN ___ Bones (Ichabod Crane's rival)
BROM ___ Bones, Ichabod Crane's rival
BROCADE ___ Bones, Ichabod Crane's rival
STROH ___ Brewery Co. (Anheuser Busch rival)
MRS ___ Butterworth's (Log Cabin rival)
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