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Crossword Answers : Unscramble
DECODE Unscramble
DONAMECHE *"Cocoon" Oscar winner (unscramble each set of circled letters)
DONAMECHE *"Cocoon" Oscar winner (unscramble letters 3 to 5)
DOIKNOWYOU *"Have we met?" (unscramble letters 4 to 8)
FORMLETTER *College rejection notice, often (unscramble letters 2 to 7)
TIMELAPSE *Gradual photography technique (unscramble letters 2-6!)
ANITAHILL *Noted Senate testifier in 1991 (unscramble letters 5 to 8)
WORKDINNER *Team-building meal (unscramble letters 3 to 7)
WORLDCLASS Among the best (unscramble each set of circled letters!)
SOLASTYEAR Hopelessly out of style (unscramble letters 3 to 7)
WALKONALLFOURS Move like some babies (unscramble each set of circled letters!)
PIZZADOUGH Pie crust initially? (unscramble each set of circled letters)
PIZZADOUGH Pie crust, initially? (unscramble letters 5 to 9)
WORKDINNER Team-building meal (unscramble each set of circled letters!)
DECODE Unscramble a cryptogram
DECLINEINSTATUS Unscramble a cryptogram
DECODE Unscramble a message
DECODE Unscramble a message.
DECODE Unscramble.
DECOCT Unscramble.
SERVEDWELL Was useful to (unscramble letters 5 to 8 in this answer)
WAGONTRAIN Western supply chain? (unscramble each set of circled letters)
WAGONTRAIN Western supply chain? (unscramble letters 2 to 6)
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