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Crossword Answers : Unfortunately . . .
ALAS Unfortunately . . .
SADTOSAY Unfortunately . . .
SADTO __ say (unfortunately)
GAMERGI ___ Bath Water (Belle Delphine product that unfortunately is the only way I can clue this without reinforcing dumb stereotypes; this sucks)
SADTO ___ say (unfortunately)
DPT ___ vaccine (preventative measure against whooping cough lockjaw and a third thing that doesn't have a synonym starting with a different letter unfortunately)
TIME 'A great teacher but unfortunately it kills all its pupils': Berlioz
MOANA "How Far I'll Go" singer who unfortunately rhymes "island" with "island"
ITSBUDDHA "I have the body of a god. Unfortunately ___"
YELLEDGOGRINCH "Laura Bush read 'The Grinch Who Stole Christmas' to a group of children. Unfortunately the First Lady was interrupted when Dick Cheney ___" (Conan)
IMAFRAIDSO "Looks that way unfortunately"
TOOTRUE "That's so right unfortunately"
INAPEDESTRIANSPOCKET "The car stopped on a dime. Unfortunately the dime was ___": Anonymous
INAPEDESTRIANSPOCKET "The car stopped on a dime. Unfortunately, the dime was ___": Anonymous
BUTALAS "Unfortunately however..."
IFEAR "Unfortunately it looks like..."
IFEAR "Unfortunately it may be..."
AFRAIDSO "Unfortunately that's the case"
BUTALAS "Unfortunately though..."
AFRAIDSO "Unfortunately yes"
TOOTRUE "Unfortunately you're right"
ALAS "Unfortunately ..."
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