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Crossword Answers : Tonsure
SHAVE Tonsure
MONK Man with a tonsure
MONIST Man with a tonsure
CORONA Monk's tonsure
CORONA Monk's tonsure.
COWL One might hide a tonsure
TONO Sixteen ___.â€‌ nyt 1956 TONS Large amounts: Colloq. nyt 1956 TONS Shiploads. nyt 1956 TONSOR Barber. nyt 1956 TONSORS Old-time barbers. nyt 1956 TONSURE Shaven crown. nyt 1956 TONTINE The __
SCALP Tonsure area
PATE Tonsure area
PATA Tonsure area.
SCALES Tonsure area.
SCALP Tonsure area.
PATE Tonsure area.
SCALPS Tonsure areas
SCALPS Tonsure areas.
COWL Tonsure coverer
COWL Tonsure covering
PATE Tonsure site
PATE Tonsure site.
SHAVE Tonsure.
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