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Crossword Answers : Title: Abbr
ESQ Title: Abbr
BART Title: Abbr
VISC Title: Abbr
HON Title: Abbr
MRS Title: Abbr
KNT Title: Abbr
LDP Title: Abbr
MADM Title: Abbr
AVE "Electric" place in an Eddy Grant title: abbr.
DET "Law & Order" title: Abbr.
DET "N.Y.P.D. Blue" title: Abbr.
DET “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” title: Abbr.
CAPT 1 Down's title: Abbr.
DESSERTS 65-Across's title: Abbr.
ATT A Brownell title: Abbr
ATSTAKE A Brownell title: Abbr.
ASST Academic title abbr.
SUPT Administrative title: Abbr
SUPREME Administrative title: Abbr.
SUPT Administrative title: Abbr.
EMOTE Akihito's title: Abbr.
EMP Akihito's title: Abbr.
REV Al Sharpton's title (abbr.)
REV Anglican Church of Canada title (abbr.)
VEN Archdeacon's title: Abbr
VEL Archdeacon's title: Abbr.
VEN Archdeacon's title: Abbr.
VELURES Archdeacon's title: Abbr.
VELURE Archdeacon's title: Abbr.
VELURED Archdeacon's title: Abbr.
VELOUTES Archdeacon's title: Abbr.
ADM Arleigh Burke's title: Abbr
ADLIB Arleigh Burke's title: Abbr.
CIC Army title: Abbr
GEN Army title: Abbr.
CIA Army title: Abbr.
CIC Army title: Abbr.
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