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Crossword Answers : This is the worst!
AWL This is the worst!
AWLS This is the worst!
WAROFTHEWORLDS Movie that hit #1 for Worst Actor and Worst Picture in an IMDb 2005 "Worst of" poll
RAZZIE "Worst Picture" or "Worst Director"
THEWACHOWSKIS Brother-and-sister pair up for Worst Director and Worst Screenplay also for "Jupiter Ascending"
TROT Worst in the worst way
TROUNCE Worst in the worst way
DREGS Worst of the worst
FROMHELL Worst of the worst
ROTTENEST Worst of the worst
WEKNEW . . . ___ the worst too young!: Kipling
WEKNEW ... ___ the worst too young!: Kipling
ENEMY ... my own worst ___
IFEAR __ the worst
SERENITY ___ is knowing that your worst shot is still pretty good: golfer Johnny Miller
IFEAR ___ the worst
IFEAR ___ the worst ...
IFE ____ the worst
AOLTIMEWARNER '00s merger widely considered to be the worst in business history
YUGO 'Car Talk"s 'worst car of the millennium'
FEAR 'To ___ the worst oft cures the worse': Shakespeare
TIME 'What we want most but what alas! we use worst': William Penn
ANNE 'Worst Cooks in America' cohost Burrell
TRIAGE 'Worst first' treatment system
WEKNEW " . . . ___ the worst too young!": Kipling
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