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Crossword Answers : The ___: Shakespeare
BARD The ___: Shakespeare
NOFEAR ___-___ Shakespeare (rhyming Sparknotes alternative)
ASOIL ``. . . smooth ___": Shakespeare
ASOIL ``... smooth ___": Shakespeare
FOLGER ___ Shakespeare Library
NOFEAR ___ Shakespeare: simple SparkNotes translations of the Bard's works
SERMONSINSTONES ... books in the running brooks ___ : Shakespeare
IRE ... provoked with raging ___ (Shakespeare)
OFIT 'If music be the food of love play on /Give me excess ___...': Shakespeare
TALE 'The Winter's ___' (Shakespeare comedy)
ATALE "... and thereby hangs ___." (Shakespeare)
XXXXX "... good ___" (Shakespeare)
IRE "... provoked with raging ___" (Shakespeare)
ADEAR "A counsellor a traitress and ___" (Shakespeare)
STAGE "All the world's a ___" (Shakespeare)
ITSAYS "And look you here's your letter; this ___" (Shakespeare)
ATALE "And thereby hangs ___" (Shakespeare)
ATOAD "As loathsome as ___" -- Shakespeare
RUB "Ay there's the ___" (Shakespeare)
EYE "Beauty is bought by judgement of the ___": Shakespeare
MYSIN "Cut off even in the blossoms of ___": Shakespeare
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