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Crossword Answers : The T in P. T. Barnum
TAYLOR The T in P. T. Barnum
DALE Jim who played Barnum in 'Barnum'
DAKAR Jim who played Barnum in "Barnum"
EGRESS "<-- This Way to the ___" (exit sign in P.T. Barnum's museum which some patrons thought was for an exotic attraction)
COLEMAN "Barnum" composer
EVITA "Barnum" lost out to it for the Tony for Best Musical
BROADWAYMUSICAL "Barnum" or "Camelot"
SHOWMAN "P.T. Barnum: America's Greatest ___" (1995 biography by Philip Kunhardt)
ENTREES A Barnum or Rickard.
ENTREPRENEUR A Barnum or Rickard.
PHINEASTAYLOR American showman Barnum
PIANOTEACHER Apt second job for showman Barnum?
SHOWMAN Barnum for one
SHOWMAN Barnum for one.
SHOWMAN Barnum notably
HOAXER Barnum often
AND Barnum __ Bailey
AND Barnum ___ Bailey
EGRESS Barnum "attraction"
WIG Barnum & Bailey circus fake
WILDMANOFBORNEO Barnum & Bailey circus fake
CIRCUS Barnum & Bailey show
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