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Crossword Answers : The "ton" in "kiloton"
TNT The "ton" in "kiloton"
LOOKINTO Investigate kiloton explosion with oxygen
TNT Letters in the definition of "kiloton"
TNT Two million pounds of it has an explosive force of one kiloton
WON ___ ton
BON ___ ton
METRIC ___ ton
BON ___ ton (high society)
WON ___ ton (Oriental dumpling)
WON ___ ton soup
BON ___ ton.
WON — ton soup
LONGHORN '69 Chev 3/4 ton pickup with 8 1/2' box
GALENTO 'Two-Ton Tony' of boxing lore
SOGOOD "I could eat a ton of this!"
DEBUM "I'll moider ___" (Tony "Two-Ton" Galanto)
DEBUM "I'll moider ___": Tony "Two-Ton" Galanto
SEA "Lord of the Rings" actor who was in the whole trilogy has directed has done a ton of voiceover work and is now working in politics (bruh!)
THELIGHTISHEAVY "This lamp weighs a ton!"
TESSIE "Two Ton ___"
KGS ~907 in a ton: Abbr.
KILOS 1 000 in a metric ton
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