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Crossword Answers : That's ___! ("Don't!")
ANON That's ___! ("Don't!")
OPERA "Don Carlos " "Don Giovanni" or "Don Pasquale"
RULES "Don't pick up the phone" "Don't let him in" and "Don't be his friend" in a 2017 Dua Lipa hit
OPERA Don Carlos, "Don Giovanni" or "Don Pasquale"
ASK 'Don't ___ don't tell'
ASK 'Don't ___, don't tell'
BEER "All right brain I don't like you and you don't like me - so let's just do this and I'll get back to killing you with ___": Homer Simpson
ASK "Don't ___ don't tell"
ASK "Don't ___ don't tell" (bygone military policy)
ASK "Don't ___, don't tell" (bygone military policy)
TELL "Don't ask don't ___"
TELL "Don't ask don't ___" (Clinton policy McCain supports)
APEST "Don't be ___!" ("Don't 'bug' me!")
GRAPE "Don't gimme no ___ juice / Cuz that don't got no sting / I need a concoction / To make the tongue-tied sing" ("The Wild Party" lyric)
ASK "Don't talk to strangers. Don't ___ me why"
FAX "Doug is like a ___ machine: you keep puttin' things in but if you don't have a cover page people don't know where it's comin' from and sometimes you get a busy signal and that's why you
ORI "Either You Don't Love Me ___ Don't Love You" (Magnetic Fields song)
ARIP "I don't give ___" ("I don't care")
ARAP "I don't give ___" (I don't care)
OTEA "I don't want to be like the deep blue sea/I just want to be your cup ___" (Don Williams lyric)
CAUSE "If you don't like the effects don't produce the ___": Funkadelic
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