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Crossword Answers : That's __!: director's "We're finished"
AWRAP That's __!: director's "We're finished"
AWRAP "That's ___!" (director's "We're finished!")
AWRAP "That's ___!": director's "We're finished"
AWRAP That's ___! (director's "We're finished!")
SOFIACOPPOLA Director who's a director's daughter
OVER __ and done with (finished)
ATAN __ end (finished)
APOEM __ is never finished, only abandoned: Valأ©ry
NOR __ will it be finished in the first one thousand days . . .: JFK
ARE __ you finished?
ARE __ you quite finished?
ABIE ___ Baby (song that begin "Yes I's finished on y'all farm land with yo' boll weevils and all")
ATAN ___ end (finished)
ATAN ___ end (finished).
ATALL ___ end (finished).
ALL ___ finished!
THECOMEDY ___ is finished ("Pagliacci" ending)
ART ___ is never finished, only abandoned: Leonardo da Vinci
OUIS ___ Mutual Friend (Dickens's last finished novel)
RID ___ of (finished with)
WONA ___ race (finished first)
USED ___ up (finished)
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