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Crossword Answers : Tennis
GRAF Tennis
GRANDSLAMTITLES In singles tennis our puzzle honoree has 19 of these accolades (solve the puzzle to reveal this tennis star's name in the 12 circles!)
STEFFI Tennis legend wife of tennis legend Andre
SPORT Tennis or table tennis
OSAKA Tennis star Naomi ___ winner of the 2018 U.S. Open (she's the first Japanese tennis player to win a Grand Slam singles title!)
ILIE Former tennis world no. 1 Nastase
ALTHEA __ Gibson, first African-American to win a Grand Slam tennis title
EVONNE __ Goolagong, top Aussie tennis player in the ’s
STEFFI __ Graf, former German tennis champ with titles
Jelena __ Jankovic, former Serbian no. tennis player
RAFAEL __ Nadal, Spanish tennis ace
MARTINA __ Navratilova, former Czech tennis player
MARTINA __ Navratilova, tennis star
PISTOL __ Pete, nickname of tennis player Sampras
ALL ___ (tennis score)
ORA ___ Belle Washington in the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame (who also won 8 national singles titles in tennis)
SERVICE ___ break (tennis coup)
DAVIS ___ Cup annual tennis event since August 8 1900
DAVIS ___ Cup (tennis event)
DAVIS ___ Cup (tennis trophy)
STEFAN ___ Edberg two-time U.S. Open tennis champion
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