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Crossword Answers : Ted Lange on "The Love Boat"
ISAAC Ted Lange on "The Love Boat"
TEADANCE A thé dansant
TASSE Item for café or thé
TASSE Thé cup, maybe
AMERICANISM A love knot, love token, or love song. (pl.) Love glances or love tricks.
AMNESIA I ___ a Virginian, but an American.â€‌—Patrick Henry. nyt 1954 AMO I love: Lat. nyt 1954 AMO I love: Lat. nyt 1954 AMO I love: Latin. nyt 1954 AMO I love: Latin. nyt 1954 AMO I love: Latin.
Amioid Love making; a love affair; usually, an unlawful connection in love; a love intrigue; an illicit love affair.
PACIFICPRINCESS "The Love Boat" boat
MEDO "Love love ___ you know I love you"
SOMUCHYES "Love it love it LOVE IT."
ADORE Love love love
ADORE Love love love
MDS Love, love ___, you know I love you
ADORE Love, love, love
ADOPTER Love, love, love
ADOPTS Love, love, love
ADEPTLY Love, love, love
ADOPTIONAGENCY Love, love, love
ADORE. Love, love, love
PADDLE __ wheel boat, Mississippi boat from Rome
DRAGON ___ Boat Festival (Chinese observance in June featuring boat races)
Autographal An advice boat, or dispatch boat.
DINGHY Boat on a boat
DINGERS Boat on a boat
DINGHY Boat to a boat
BATEAU French boat type that's French for "boat"
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