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Crossword Answers : Taxpayers
IRS "___ Announces Taxpayers Can Make Checks Directly Payable To Any Corporation Or Billionaire They Want This Year": 2020 Onion headline
APRIL "The cruellest month " for T. S. Eliot and taxpayers
APR Busy mo. for many taxpayers
INCITER C.P.A.'s chore for some taxpayers.
INCOMEAVERAGING C.P.A.'s chore for some taxpayers.
INCOMEAVERAGING CPA's chore for some taxpayers
INCOMES Data on taxpayers
TOPBRACKET One class of taxpayers
TOPBANANA One class of taxpayers.
TOPBRACKET One class of taxpayers.
OUTLET Symbol of taxpayers' revolt
PROPOSITION13 Symbol of taxpayers' revolt
PROPOSITION Symbol of taxpayers' revolt
TITHERS Taxpayers of a sort
REFUNDS Taxpayers' boons
IRRITANT Taxpayers' bugaboos
IRSAUDITORS Taxpayers' bugaboos
EXEMPTIONS Taxpayers' delights
RETURNS Taxpayers' dilemmas
LOOPHOLES Taxpayers' escape hatches
RETURNS Taxpayers' forms
REBA Taxpayers' hopes
REBATES Taxpayers' hopes
SSNS Taxpayers' IDs
SSN Taxpayers' IDs
SSNS Taxpayers' info
IRS Taxpayers' nemeses
IRSAUDITORS Taxpayers' nemeses
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