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Crossword Answers : Tailor's line (rhymes with "beam")
SEAM Tailor's line (rhymes with "beam")
IATE Must've been something ___â€‌ nyt 2004 IBAR Building beam nyt 2004 IBAR Construction beam nyt 2004 IBAR High-rise member nyt 2004 IBAR Strong support nyt 2004 IBARS Building supports nyt 2004
AMILD . . . ___ and silver beam: Shelley
IRON ___ and Wine (musician Sam Beam)
INSP ___ and Wine (musician Sam Beam)
ION ___ beam
LASER ___ beam
TWOFORTHESEESAW ___ beam up ("Star Trek" order)
OFF ___ the beam (awry)
TWOGERMANYSUNITE _____ beam upâ€‌ (Star Trekâ€‌ phrase)
TWOTO '___ beam up' ('Star Trek' phrase)
MEUP 'Beam -- Scotty!'
MESH 'Beam --, Scotty!'
RAFTERTHOUGHT 'I wonder if that roof beam is sturdy enough ' e.g.?
AMILD " . . . ___ and silver beam": Shelley
TWOTO "___ beam up" ("Star Trek" order)
TWOTO "_____ beam up" ("Star Trek" phrase)
AMILD "... ___ and silver beam": Shelley
MEUP "Beam ___ Scotty!"
MEUP "Beam ___ Scotty"
MEUP "Beam ___ ?"
MEUP "Beam ___, Scotty!"
MEUP "Beam ___..."