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Crossword Answers : TV's 'The Show'
HUNGBATTLESTARSOZ Show about a gigolo; 1980s game show hosted by Alex Trebek; Prison show with Edie Falco as a guard
FOECHENDERSON '70s sitcom star who now hosts a talk show AND a cooking show
LAP "___ of Luxury" ("The Joe Schmo Show"'s fake show)
TGS "30 Rock" show-within-a-show a la "SNL"
TOOLTIME "Home Improvement" show-within-a-show
RLINE "I'll show you my gutter if you show me yours" e.g.?
OLMANRIVER "Show Boat" show-stopper
IWANNASEE "Show me! Show me!"
MEANDJULIET "Show-within-a-show" musical by Rodgers & Hammerstein that opened on this day in 1953
ERIC "The ___ Andre Show" (Adult Swim talk show)
ELLEN "The ___ Show" (show for which Carol Leifer wrote)
CHO "The ___ Show" (VH1 reality show)
ALANA "The George & ___ Show" (former talk show)
ALANA "The George & ___ Show" (old talk show)
ALANA "The George & ___ Show" (former talk show)
ALANA "The George & ___ Show" (old talk show)
OLLY "The Sifl and ___ Show" (1990s MTV puppet show)
CARDSHARKS *Game show that once held a tournament of game show hosts which Alex Trebek won
SUPERTROUPER ABBA tune ("Wishin' every show was the last show")
ERICA Author who wrote "Show me a woman who doesn't feel guilty and I'll show you a man"
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