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Crossword Answers : TV's 'Major '
HELL Creator of Major Major
HELLER Creator of Major Major
NEWHART He was Major Major in "Catch-22"
RANK Major or major general
OED Major ref. for John Major
SNAFU Major's major mishap
ASH Note in B major but not E major
ASHARP Note in B major but not E major
DSHARP Note in the E major scale not found in A major
E-mail Major cause of the Postal Service's dwindling revenues
CHICAGO __ blues, music genre from Illinois major city
FEDERAL __ case (major issue)
RECKLESS __ driving is a major traffic violation in the US
SLO __ Foundation (major NPR donor)
SLOAN __ Foundation (major NPR donor)
Kirkwood __ gaps, found in the distribution of semi-major axis
URSA __ Major
CANIS __ Major
URSA __ Major (bear constellation)
URSA __ Major (Big Dipper constellation)
URSA __ Major (Big Dipper locale)
URSA __ Major (Big Dipper's constellation)
URSA __ Major (Big Dipper's locale)
URSA __ Major (Big Dipper)
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