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Crossword Answers : TV's ' the Explorer'
AMERIGO The New World's eponymous explorer
CABOT explorer of N America
DORA __ the Explorer: kids' TV show
ERIC __ the Red (ancient explorer)
ERIC __ the Red (Norse explorer)
VASCO ___ da Gama (Portuguese-born explorer)
PONCE ___ de Leon (Spanish explorer)
PUNS ___ de Leon (waggish explorer)
PONCE ___ de Leأ³n (Spanish explorer)
MSG ___ Explorer
MSN ___ Explorer
MSDOS ___ Explorer (browser)
MSN ___ Explorer (browser)
MSGR ___ Explorer (Web browser)
MSN ___ Explorer (Web browser)
SVEN ___ Hedin Gobi explorer
SVEN ___ Hedin, Gobi explorer
SVEN ___ Hedin, Swedish explorer
SVEN ___ Hedin, Swedish explorer.
OSA ___ Johnson explorer
OSA ___ Johnson, African explorer
ORTS ___ Johnson, African explorer.
OSA ___ Johnson, explorer
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