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Crossword Answers : Synthetic
ERSATZ Synthetic
ERS Synthetic
MADAM Synthetic
MADE Synthetic
MANIC Synthetic
MOCHA Synthetic
ORLON Synthetic
RAYON Synthetic
MANMADE Synthetic
NYLON Synthetic
MOCK Synthetic
PLASTIC Synthetic
TESTTUBE Synthetic
FAUX Synthetic
SYSTATIC Synthetic
CROTONIC ___ acid used for synthetic resins
CROTONIC ___ acid, used for synthetic resins
SUNSET ___ Rouge, La., where they make synthetic rubber (5)
BATISTA ___ Rouge, La., where they make synthetic rubber.
POLYESTER A synthetic
SARAN A synthetic
POLKADOT A synthetic
NYC A synthetic fabric
NYLON A synthetic fabric
NEOPHYTE A synthetic rubber
NEOPRENE A synthetic rubber
THC A synthetic version of it is known as K2
FLEECE Aka polar wool, insulating synthetic fabric
LON Ban-__ (synthetic yarn)
LON Ban-___ (brand of synthetic yarn)
LOMBARD Ban-___ (brand of synthetic yarn)
LON Ban-___ (synthetic yarn)
LOMOND Ban-___ (synthetic yarn)
STYRENE Base for synthetic rubber
RAYON Belted tire synthetic
SYNTEC Brand name Castrol synthetic oil
SYNTEC Brand name of a Castrol synthetic oil
NYLON Carpet synthetic
ORLON Certain synthetic fiber
RAYON Certain synthetic fiber
ARTIFICIALHEART Certain synthetic pump
LATEX Common synthetic
LATEST Common synthetic
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