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Crossword Answers : Sure ___!
DOE Sure ___!
ITS "Are you sure ___ OK?"
ACARD "As sure ___ as ever won . . . ": Shak.
ACARD "As sure ___ as ever won... ": Shak.
ASFATE "As sure ___"
HOPE "I sure ___ so!"
YAD "I'm sure ___ like that" (Insane Clown Posse line)
SMA "I'm sure ___ pleasure it can gie": Burns
GOBLAME "Oh sure ___ someone else!"
JAN "Sure ___" ("Brady Bunch" retort)
JAN "Sure ___" (Line from "A Very Brady Sequel" that's been revived in meme form as of late)
ASIM "Sure ___ standing..."
DOES "Sure ___!"
ITOFF Are you sure ___ OK?
ASFATE As sure ___
ACARD As sure ___ as ever won . . . : Shak.
ASIM Barry Manilow's "As Sure ___ Standin' Here"
FOOD Sure-___
FOOTED Sure-___ (not likely to trip)
ASIM Three Dog Night hit "Sure ___ Sittin' Here"
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