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Crossword Answers : Subject of the 2003 book "Power Failure"
ENRAGE Subject of the 2003 book "Power Failure"
ENRON Subject of the 2003 book "Power Failure"
BLACKOUT A period during a massive power failure
OUTRAGE Anger Russian leader during power failure (7)
OUTAGE Big-time power failure
BUSHINGBURN Cause of a power tool failure?
SHORTCIRCUIT Cause of power failure
SHORTCHANGE Cause of power failure.
BRO Certain power failure
BROWNIEMIX Certain power failure
BROWNOUT Certain power failure
BROWNOUT Partial power failure
OUST Power failure
OUT Power failure
OUNCE Power failure
OUTAGE Power failure
BLACKOUT Power failure
BITSEC Power failure
BATTERYBACKUPS Power-failure data savers
OUTAGE Power-failure period
RELAY Power-failure villain
RELAY Power-failure villain.
ENRON Subject of the book "Power Failure"
ENRON Subject of the books "Power Failure" and "Pipe Dreams"
ENRON Subject of thebook "Power Failure"
ACHIATUS Unpleasantly steamy summer power failure consequence?
METERREADER "After a while the power of verse was the only power that interested me..."
SZA "Power Is Power" singer born Solana Imani Rowe
LUTHERVANDROSS "Power of Love/Love Power" R&B singer
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