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Crossword Answers : Striving
EFFORT Striving
LABOR Striving
CONATUS Striving
TOSHINE "Our half-faced sun striving ___" (Shak.)
MAR "Striving to better oft we ___ what's well": Shak.
MAR "Striving to better, oft we ___ what's well": Shak.
NISUS A striving
AFFABLE A striving after.
NISAN A striving.
PRIZE Anything worth striving for
PRIX Anything worth striving for.
EARN Get by striving
BEGGAR One striving for change?
SUPEREGO One striving for perfection
RESTLESS Stops striving
WELLINTENTIONED Striving for goodness but faulty
WELLINTENTIONED Striving for goodness, but faulty
PIOUS Striving for sainthood
REACH Striving ones
REACHERS Striving ones
MAP Striving to better, oft we ___ what's well: Shak.
EMULOUS Striving to excel
EMULOUS Striving to excel.
LABORED Striving.
LABORING Striving.
CONAN Striving.
CONATUS Striving.
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