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Crossword Answers : Songbirds in "The Rubأ،iyأ،t"
BUILD Songbirds in "The Rubأ،iyأ،t"
BUILTIN Songbirds in "The Rubأ،iyأ،t"
IGO . . . like Wind ___: Rubأ،iyأ،t
REDTHE . . . never blows so ___ Rose . . . : "The Rubأ،iyأ،t"
AWHILE . . . Talk ___ of Me and Thee: "Rubأ،iyأ،t"
WHENCE Drink! for you know not ___ you came, nor why ("Rubأ،iyأ،t")
FARE Language of Omar Khayyam's "Rubأ،iyأ،t"
PERSIAN Original language of "The Rubأ،iyأ،t"
AABA Rhyme scheme in a so-called "Rubأ،iyأ،t stanza"
AABA Rhyme scheme of Rubأ،iyأ،t stanzas
AABA Rhyme scheme of the "Rubأ،iyأ،t"
OMAR Rubأ،iyأ،t author
ELIHU Rubأ،iyأ،t illustrator Vedder
OMAR Rubأ،iyأ،t man
OMAR Rubأ،iyأ،t name
OMAR Rubأ،iyأ،t poet
OMANI Rubأ،iyأ،t poet
OMAN Rubأ،iyأ،t poet
OMALLEY Rubأ،iyأ،t poet
OMAR Rubأ،iyأ،t poet Khayyأ،m
ENOW Rubأ،iyأ،t rhyme for "thou"
AABA Rubأ،iyأ،t rhyme scheme
AABA Rubأ،iyأ،t stanza scheme
ENOW Rubأ،iyأ،t word
OMAR Rubأ،iyأ،t writer
OMARKHAYYAM Rubأ،iyأ،t writer
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