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Crossword Answers : Sociable
TEA Sociable
AMIABLE Sociable
YHMCUM Sociable
DOLPHIN Aquatic mammal of a sociable nature
MIX Be sociable say
MIX Be sociable
MITE Be sociable
MISUSE Be sociable
INVITE Be sociable
MITT Be sociable
MINGLE Be sociable
MITTENS Be sociable
INTERACT Be sociable
INTENTION Be sociable
SAYHI Be sociable
CIRCULATE Be sociable
PALAROUND Be sociable (and a hint to 17-, 23-, 37-, and 45-Across)
TABLEHOP Be sociable at a luncheon
MINGLE Be sociable at a party
CIRCULATE Be sociable at a party
MIT Be sociable, say
MITOSIS Be sociable, say
MIX Be sociable.
MITY Be sociable.
COOLED Became less sociable
COOLASACUCUMBER Became less sociable.
TABLEHOPPING Being sociable in a restaurant e.g.
TABLEHOPPING Being sociable in a restaurant, e.g.
FOLKSY Casually sociable
FOLEY Casually sociable
Aesthetical Easy to be spoken to or addressed; receiving others kindly and conversing with them in a free and friendly manner; courteous; sociable.
LEO Enthusiastic sociable confident type it's said
LENTS Enthusiastic, sociable, confident type, it's said
PARTY Extremely sociable person
PARTYANIMAL Extremely sociable person
LIBRAS Fair sociable types presumably
LIBRAS Fair, sociable types, presumably
COOL Far from sociable
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