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Crossword Answers : Slugger?
BAT Slugger?
FIST Slugger?
OTT '30s Giant slugger
OTT '30s slugger
ALROSEN '40s-'50s Cleveland Indians slugger
KINER '40s-'50s slugger Ralph
KINER '50s Pirates slugger
KLU '50s Reds slugger familiarly
KLU '50s Reds slugger, familiarly
RICHIEASHBURN '50s slugger Hall of Famer and longtime Phillies broadcaster
MIZE '50s slugger Johnny
KINER '50s slugger Ralph
RICHIEASHBURN '50s slugger, Hall of Famer and longtime Phillies broadcaster
MANTLE '50s-'60s Yankee slugger
ALI '60s slugger
MARIS '60s slugger
BOOG '60s slugger Powell
MARIS '60s slugger Roger
CECIL '80s-'90s slugger Fielder
MARIS "61 in '61" slugger Roger
MAC "Big ___" (Cardinal slugger's nickname)
AARON "Hammerin'" slugger who won $13 500 on "Home Run Derby" (1960)
MARIS "in 'slugger Roger
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