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Crossword Answers : Seventh word of "Casablanca."
DECK Seventh word of "Casablanca."
DECIDER Seventh word of "Casablanca."
DECK Seventh word of "Casablanca"
BANJO Seventh word of "Oh! Susanna"
NEATH Seventh word of "Aura Lee"
PACT Seventh word of "I'll Be There"
LAND Seventh word of "O Canada"
BANJO Seventh word of "Oh! Susanna."
BANJO Seventh word of "Oh! Susanna"
EVENT Seventh word of Declaration of independence.
DAR ___ el Beida (Casablanca to its natives)
DAR ___ el Beida (Casablanca, to its natives)
DANTE ___ el Beida (Casablanca, to its natives)
DAR ___ el Beida (Casablanca's Arabic name)
DANS ___ el Beida (Casablanca's Arabic name)
ILKA ___ Gruning who appeared with Ludwig Stossel and S.K. Sakal in the "What watch?" scene of "Casablanca"
FEINT ___ Hemans, author of "Casablanca."
FELICIA ___ Hemans, author of "Casablanca"
HERES ___ looking at you, kid ("Casablanca" quote)
ILSA ___ Lund of "Casablanca"
ILS ___ Lund of "Casablanca"
ILOSTIT ___ Lund of "Casablanca"
ROUNDUP ___ the usual suspects ("Casablanca" quote)
DOOLEY ___ Wilson who played Sam in "Casablanca"
DOOLEY ___ Wilson, who played Sam in "Casablanca"
HENREID 'Casablanca' actor Paul
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