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Crossword Answers : Says yes.
OKRA Says yes.
OKS Says yes.
ASSENTS Says yes.
TREBEK He says yes or no to questions that don't have yes/no answers
NODE Says "yes" without saying "yes"
NODS Says "yes" without saying "yes"
OUIJA Board that says yes and no
JUPITER Dad says "yes"
AYE How Jimmy Buffett says yes when sailing
AXE How Jimmy Buffett says yes, when sailing
OUI How Yvette says "Yes"
OBEYS Says "Yes Bo" to orders
OKS Says "yes" to
NODE Says "yes" without saying a word
NODS Says "yes" without saying a word
NODS Says "yes" without speaking
REPLIES Says yes e.g.
ASS Says yes
AGREES Says yes
OKS Says yes
ACCEDE Says yes
ASSENTS Says yes
ACCEPTS Says yes
ACCEDES Says yes
RSVPS Says yes before a wedding e.g.
RSVPS Says yes or no in a way
OKS Says yes to
ACCEPTS Says yes to
OILCAN Says yes to
OILPALM Says yes to
REELECTS Says yes to a second time
ISIN Says yes to the gang say
ISH Says yes to the gang, say
NODS Says yes with one’s head
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