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Crossword Answers : Says "No thanks"
DECLINES Says "No thanks"
SAYRE It ___ here . . .â€‌ nyt 1954 SAYS Declares. nyt 1954 SAYS Recites. nyt 1954 SAYS States. nyt 1954 SAYSO Dictum: Colloq. nyt 1954 SAYWHEN Host's hortatory remark. nyt 1954 SCAD A fish, the sa
NAH 'Thanks but no thanks'
BUT "Thanks ___ no thanks"
IMNOTINTERESTED "Thanks but no thanks"
ERE "Thanks in old age - thanks ___ I go": Walt Whitman
ERE "Thanks in old age - thanks ___ I go": Whitman
PASSED Said "thanks but no thanks"
PASS Say "thanks but no thanks"
NAH Thanks but no thanks
ERAT Thanks in old age - thanks ___ I go: Walt Whitman
ERATO Thanks in old age - thanks ___ I go: Whitman
BUTNO Thanks-thanks connector
BUTADREAM Thanks-thanks connector
BUT Thanks, ___ no thanks
BUSTS Thanks, ___ no thanks
NAH Thanks, but no thanks
IMNOTINTERESTED Thanks, but no thanks
BUTNO Thanks/thanks link
TACO "Somebody says thanks and wishes me well. The next thing I know I'm at ___ Bell" - "Tootsie"
INGRATE He says no thanks?
PASSES Says "No thanks"
DECLINES Says "No, thanks"
DECAL Says no thanks
DECLINES Says no thanks
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