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Crossword Answers : Rosebud of "Citizen Kane"
SLED Rosebud of "Citizen Kane"
ROSEBUD Kane's dying word in "Citizen Kane"
SCENARIO When Kane dies in "Citizen Kane"
SCENEI When Kane dies in "Citizen Kane"
HEARST Whom Kane in "Citizen Kane" is based on
HEARD Whom Kane in "Citizen Kane" is based on
RKO __ 281: film about the making of "Citizen Kane"
SLED 'Citizen Kane prop'
SLAP 'Citizen Kane prop'
SLOANE 'Citizen Kane' actor Everett
ORO 'Citizen Kane' director
ORSONWELLES 'Citizen Kane' director
SLED 'Citizen Kane' prop
RISK 'Citizen Kane' studio
RKO 'Citizen Kane' studio
RKO "___ 281": film about the making of "Citizen Kane"
FILMDEBUT "Citizen Kane " for Orson Welles
HEARST "Citizen Kane " for real
ROSEBUD "Citizen Kane"
SLOANE "Citizen Kane" actor
COTTEN "Citizen Kane" actor
SLOANE "Citizen Kane" actor Everett
SLOANE "Citizen Kane" actor Everett ___
AGNES "Citizen Kane" actress Moorehead
RKO "Citizen Kane" and "It's a Wonderful Life" studio
SLED "Citizen Kane" article
SLOANE "Citizen Kane" cast member
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