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Crossword Answers : Resolves
SET Resolves
ADJUSTS Resolves
DECIDES Resolves
SETTLES Resolves
IRONS ___ out (resolves)
ADAPTER Device that resolves incompatibilities
RETCON Narrative device that resolves a plot inconsistency
SCENE Part of Act IV where Marc Antony resolves to kill Cleopatra
SCENEXII Part of Act IV where Marc Antony resolves to kill Cleopatra
ARBITRATES Resolves as a contract dispute
SETTLES Resolves as an argument
IRONSOUT Resolves as differences
IRONSOUT Resolves as difficulties
HAMMERSOUT Resolves for a carpenter?
IRONSOUT Resolves maybe
OPTS Resolves (to)
CLEARS Resolves anger and confusion
CLEARSTHEAIR Resolves anger and confusion
WILLS Resolves firmly
WILLIAMTSHERMAN Resolves firmly.
OPTSTO Resolves he will
SETTLES Resolves out of court
ARBITRATES Resolves, as a contract dispute
SETTLER Resolves, as an argument
SETTLES Resolves, as an argument
IRONSOUT Resolves, as differences
IRONSOUT Resolves, as difficulties
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