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Crossword Answers : Relative of "You go!"
ATTA Relative of "You go!"
TREAT "Then people gonna ___ you better. You're gonna find yes you will that you're beautiful as you feel" - "Beautiful"
SOMEWAY "And you find ___ to survive and you find out you don't have to be happy at all to be happy you're alive" - "Next to Normal"
WERE "But it wasn't a dream. It was a place. And you and you and you... and you ___ there"
FAX "Doug is like a ___ machine: you keep puttin' things in but if you don't have a cover page people don't know where it's comin' from and sometimes you get a busy signal and that's why you
GLUE "I love you like a table / My legs were carved for you / I love you like a table / I'm wood and you are ___" ("Waitress" lyric)
RARE "You are so real you are so ___ I see you there - I see you" a very un-mean "Mean Girls" moment
SADIE The "you" in the Beatles lyric "'ll get yours yet / However big you think you are"
RHYMEASREASON What you fall prey to if you say "If it doesn't fit, you must acquit" is sounder than "If it doesn't fit, you must exonerate"
ARENT __ You Glad You're You?
ARENT ___ You Glad You're You
ARENOT ___ You Glad You're You
ARENT ___ You Glad You're You: Crosby song
ARENA ___ You Glad You're You?
ARENT ___ You Glad You're You?
ARENOT ___ You Glad You're You?
ARENAS ___ You Glad You're You? (1945 hit)
ARENT ___ You Glad You're You?: 1945 song
ARENT ____ You Glad You're You?
ARENT _____ You Glad You're You?
ARENT '___ You Glad You're You'
HAD 'You been misled! You been ___! You been took!'
WHATATVMIGHTSAY 'You turn me on when you touch me there ' 'Get that VCR off of me ' 'Why do you stare at me so much?'
ARENT "___ You Glad You're You?"
HEEDS "___ You Glad You're You?"
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