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Crossword Answers : Recruit
ENID Recruit
ENL Recruit
ENROL Recruit
ROOKIE Recruit
ENROLL Recruit
ENLIST Recruit
GETHITCHED ... like a military recruit?
ATEASE "Relax recruit"
CIA "The Recruit" org.
CIA Al Pacino's employer in 2003's "The Recruit"
ENLISTEE Any military recruit these days
ENLISTEE Any military recruit, these days
PRIVATE Army recruit
ENLISTS Becomes a recruit
TRAINEE Boot-camp recruit
MARINE Camp Pendleton recruit
DEVILDOG Camp Pendleton recruit
PITT Clooney's first recruit in "Ocean's Eleven"
SPAR Coast Guard woman recruit
SPAR Coast Guard woman recruit.
HIREE Company's fresh recruit
GERMAN Expected recruit in the European army
GERM Expected recruit in the European army.
RUSHEE Fraternity recruit
RUPAUL Fraternity recruit
NEWBIE Fresh recruit
ROTC Gp. that might recruit in the quad
CEO Headhunter's big recruit for short
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