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Crossword Answers : Questioning
LEER Questioning
LEERY Questioning
QUIZZICAL Questioning
SKEPTICISM Questioning
PERSONS ___ of interest (subjects for questioning)
WHOSTHEBOSS '80s sitcom with a questioning title (it's Angela by the way)
THEUSOFA Authority-questioning notion in a 1949 novel by 58-Across
ATEUP Believed without questioning
SINGLESBAR Break under questioning
SINGLIKEACANARY Break under questioning
QUIZZICAL Confused, d, questioning
SQUIRMED Couldn't take questioning
UNBELIEVING Doubting, questioning
QUIZ Examine by questioning
QUITO Examine by questioning.
SOCRATICS Followers of a questioning Greek
SOCO Followers of a questioning Greek.
ARLENSPECTER Former senator who wrote the 2000 memoir "Passion for Truth: From Finding JFK's Single Bullet to Questioning Anita Hill to Impeaching Clinton"
NOSY Frequently questioning perhaps
REDIRECT Friendly questioning in court
REDIRECT Friendly questioning, in court
REDHOT Friendly questioning, in court
THIRDDEGREE Harsh questioning
FOURTHDEGREE Harsh questioning of a perp one-upped?
FORBIDDENFLUTE Harsh questioning of a perp, one-upped?
DETAIN Hold for questioning perhaps
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