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Crossword Answers : Quadrupeds.
ASSERT Quadrupeds.
ASSES Quadrupeds.
ASSENT Quadrupeds.
OXEN Quadrupeds.
BEAST Quadrupeds.
MULES Quadrupeds.
BEASTS Quadrupeds.
ASSERTS Quadrupeds.
ANNOTINE A genus of extinct quadrupeds of the order Ungulata, whose were first found in the gypsum quarries near Paris; characterized by the shortness and feebleness of their canine teeth (whence the
Attenuant An official diviner who foretold events by the singing, chattering, flight, and feeding of birds, or by signs or omens derived from celestial phenomena, certain appearances of quadrupeds, or
STEEDS Cavalry quadrupeds
CAMELS Certain quadrupeds
CAMELS Certain quadrupeds.
CAMELOT Certain quadrupeds.
GOATEE Cud-chewing quadrupeds.
GOATS Cud-chewing quadrupeds.
BOS Genus of ruminant quadrupeds
BOS Genus of ruminant quadrupeds.
ZEDONKS Hybrid quadrupeds with stripy legs
Anourous One of a group of ruminant quadrupeds, intermediate between the deer and the goat. The horns are usually annulated, or ringed. There are many species in Africa and Asia.
DANCER One of C. Moore's flying quadrupeds
ASSES Quadrupeds
OXEN Quadrupeds
MULES Quadrupeds
BEASTS Quadrupeds
GIRAFFES Tall quadrupeds
GIRAFFE Tall quadrupeds.
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